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get, or rather, buy a life.

ian usher from australia put his whole life up for sale and it sold for $380,300 US.

the winner is gonna receive (on top of other things/crap): 

  • 1989 mazda 929 (helllllooo, ladies)
  • kawasake jet ski (not bad)
  • skydiving gear (who is this guy?)
  • his dvd collection (a closer look at his shelf and he’s got 28 Days Later, Memento, and the Matrix trilogy)
  • his friends: yes, that’s right, his friends. his friends think “the person or family who (will) buy this life will make friends of their own, the West Australians are a very relaxed and friendly bunch.” basically, there’s other people to hang out with if we get too annoying. ok, that joke wasn’t too funny, but like william wallace, i’m workin on my execution.
  • his job: read his various jobs here. jenny jones rugs? eff that, where the montel williams lampshade store at?

if i were to put my life up for sale, here’s some things you are guaranteed (bold and italicized to show im no eric b. and rakim type joke) to inherit!

  1. Comic book collection: roughly 2,500 deep(?), there’s a lot of good joints, like marvel spotlight #5, silver surfer #3 and spider-man #300. 
  2. SNES: this is the OG system from my childhood that works like a charm…whatchoo know about the ascii pads, tho?
  3. A commercial series Char-Broil grill. It’s one of those big boy grills straight outta Lowe’s (not locash). my grilled corn recipe stays with me, tho. actually that would have to go, too…dammit.

there’s other things, but i don’t want to reveal how much of a dork i am. if you put your life up for sale, what are some interesting things the buyer would inherit?



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republic or empire?


serious book coppage this weekend. “A People’s History of American Empire” details the history of american imperialism and world plunder (or like, other words, like….desctruction, murder, deceit, wah wah wah) in graphic novel form. written by Howard Zinn, author of “A People’s History of the United States”, Zinn in drawn into the book as if giving a lecture. images telling the story are then woven in, with characterizations of bush, saddam, mark twain, etc. the artwork, courtesy of editorial cartoonist mike konopacki, is bold and straightforward. he even places real photos, newspaper clippings and historical artworks.

what did it for me is the chapter dedicated to the philippine-american war, and the U.S.’s deception of the filipinos in order to gain footing in the east. parts of the story are even told through the perspectives of general emilio aguinaldo and mark twain. and it’s not a mere paragraph or a page in this book, but 20+ pages of imagery from the war, including the well-known “kill everyone over 10” editorial cartoon.

it’s a good shelf addition for fans of graphic novels, history and political art. thaswassup!

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tonight’s top story. it’s hot.

last night’s top story was funny. the night anchors, on-site reporters, and weather people wanted to report that it was hot all day. no shit? i didn’t notice. watch any late night news coverage and about 10% of it is actual news. most of it is tragic happenings, which are supposed to make us feel bad. how about some coverage about important things – like GMA visiting the US, spending Philippine duckets (yeah i said duckets) while people are struggling to find survivors underneath a sunken ship? did you hear that obama (for your mama) sorta addressed this issue? how about delivering news that’ll make you think and be active participants in society?

i spent the obviously hot day traveling across the sound on a ferry to watch the pacman fight with c’s fam. what a fight! aside from the brutality and bloodiness and greed of it all, pacquiao is a true master of his art…and dude is hella fast (hella fas doo). im thinking of doing the PPV next time at the crib.

and if you’re reading this, the mimosa/omelettes/hash browns/check-in was the thanks friend.

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five fine filipino fighters.

pancho villa

The Pacquiao vs Diaz fight is this weekend, but ESPN covers 5 great Filipino boxers.

Read the article here.

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lil kriz vs. las vegas


Seattle rapper Christian Beeber, aka “Lil Kriz,” got his national television debut when the National Basketball Association (NBA) played his song “Vegas” during the 2007 All-Star game in that city. Problem was, no one asked him first.

Source: The Seattle Times

Check out Lil Kriz on Myspace here. You can find his “Vegas” video and other…….


On his site, his current song is “Asian Girls”, his ode to his own fetish for Asian women…he even throws in the “love you long time” vocal sample. AND he starts off a verse about a girl from Manila who he wants to cook him Adobo. You know what, Lil Kriz? I was gonna big you up for taking on the NBA, but your music IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. Actually, it’s the complete opposite of thaswassup. Stop objectifying asian women and tryin to reinforce sexual stereotypes. Loser.


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that’s racist!

every now and then, i’ll post pictures from everyday life that just make you wanna say: “that’s racist!”

sand people

“Sand People” store on Waikiki. Pic taken on a visit summer 2007.

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pics from the weekend.

kicked it for three days in nehalem bay, oregon last weekend:

beach tagger

stylin’ on you!

chris, christian, kris

chris, christian, kris


that’s hella people to go to one camping trip.

photos courtesy of grayze

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