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Ninja, please!

“Being here is especially meaningful to me because I consider myself to be an honorary AAPI member, and I think I’ve got some pretty good credentials,” – Obama speaking at a recently held Asian and Pacific Islander sponsored fund raiser.

Obama an honorary Asian American / Pacific Islander? What are your thoughts?

How about anyone, especially non-people of color, calling themselves an honorary __________, just because all/some of their friends are __________? Is it different when other people of color call themselves an honorary (insert ethnicity of color here)?



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OKC Uniwatch contest

Props to’s Page 2 for doing this very horrendous contest in which people name/design the new uniforms and brand for the former Seattle Supersonics. Here are some samples:

This won for best overall design

This one’s a little more politically accurate

What is that, salmon?

There were even several submissions from bitter Seattle fans:

And I think we have a winner (click to enlarge):

You can view all/most of the submissions here, and read the article here.

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new yankees lineup

i’m not a NYY fan at any rate, but just look at their updated lineup after acquiring pudge:

johnny damon

derek jeter

bobby abreu

alex rodriguez

jason giambi

robinson cano

xavier nady

melky cabrera

ivan rodriguez

rumors have it that seattle might get cabrera for washburn. if so, that’s gonna suck for cabrera, considering the mariners are doing a great deal of sucking on their own (no mojo). i’m still a mariners fan…it’s just not the best time to be one right now.

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Young, Gifted and D. Black

From Sportin’ Life Records:

While preparing for the release of D.Black’s sophomore CD “Rejuvenation” which is slated for a late 2008 release date, we decided to clean house to make some room on the hard drive.  Here are nine songs that are NOT on any upcoming project. This is simply us leaking some unheard material that will probably never be released.  These songs didn’t really fit the direction the new CD has taken, but they are good songs none the less, with some great features and filthy production. We hope you enjoy.

City Boys

Back Home

They Wanna See Me-Featuring Zach Bruce

Rap Star Movie-Featuring G.M.K

The 808

We Aint Fly, We Space-Featuring Dyme Def

Fly As Me-Featuring Shawn Star



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24 is back!

Agents Almeida and Bauer at this year’s Comic Con. News reports say that 24 will be back on TV, with a two-hour prequel to season 7, shot entirely in Africa. And with that, let’s just say:

  • Bauer doesn’t sign autographs, he tortures sharpies into signing the posters themselves.
  • Bauer doesn’t agree on continuing 24. He just goes on with his regular business and camera crews follow.
  • Alcohol drinks Bauer, not the other way around.
  • Bauer doesn’t shoot guns. He just yells at the bullets.
  • If there’s a flood, and Bauer says “DAMMIT!”, you better not misunderstand him.
  • If Bauer was in one of those ferries in The Dark Knight, he would’ve blown up both ferries and still would have managed to save everybody.
  • Bauer laughs at Tony Starks’ silly suit made of iron.
  • Obama plans to hire Bauer as his Secret Service if he gets into office. Just Bauer.
  • Bauer in Africa? Let’s just say that if he ends up in the desert, water will be looking for him.
  • Lions in hummers will be driving through the Safari hoping to catch a glimpse of Bauer, hoping he doesn’t attack them. Damn those lion tourists.

Story on 24 about Africa, canadians, and the season 7 here. IGN article/interview with pics from season 7 here.

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gov. gregoire underage? more like overrated.

Excerpt from the Seattle Times:

OLYMPIA — Gov. Christine Gregoire was turned away from an Olympia bar when she couldn’t produce identification to prove she was over 21.

The 61-year-old governor told KING-TV she feels complimented the bouncer thought she might be under age.

Really? No….really? Or maybe the bouncer is a diehard Supersonics fan…..

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we aint industry, we in da streets!

From the Seattle Times:

To encourage people to drive less this summer, Seattle will close three streets to cars for several hours on three Sundays in Alki, Capitol Hill and Rainier Valley.

“Just for one day, just chill,” Mayor Greg Nickels said at a news conference today, encouraging people to bicycle, walk, jump rope and create chalk art instead.

Sunday, Aug. 31, 3 to 6 p.m. in Rainier Valley. Rainier Avenue South will close for three hours between South Orcas and South Alaska streets. Buses will use detour routes. Cars will be restricted on South Conover Way, part of 38th Avenue South and South Alaska Street between Genesee Park and Columbia City.

With as much gentrification as there is between South Orcas and South Alaska, a better idea would be to open the long strip of road between RB and Graham. Now that would be an interesting block party 😉

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