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R.I.P. Kevin Duckworth

Probably one of the most awkward centers to ever watch run down the court, Duckworth definitely hustled his way into the playoffs with the Blazers. The butt of many jokes in regards to aloof centers (hi mark eaton), Duckworth will always be remembered down in rip city.


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6 Days…

….until my wedding day. And yes, it’s kickin my ass! So if i’m taking notes:

  • I’m currently working on 2 video projects
  • I just started a new job
  • I’m getting married, and working on wedding planning
  • Thinking about moving (???) – who has time to think about that!?!?! 
This will all be over in a week. In the meantime, excuse the lack of updates.


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Campaign motto: Pacquiao couch!

F/T to FAS!


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Hot streaming pile of film.

Prepare to be blown (not in that way…but you can go to other sites for that):

You’re welcome!

F/T to okayplayer

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Does this even look like me?

I think I messed up on the eyes. Maybe Olympic athletes from Spain can fix that.

Do you: Face Your Manga

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Spain’s Tennis Team!

Courtesy of Asian Week, F/T to Moonie for the link.

I can’t wait to see the Lacrosse team photos!

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You know what…..

…..ah fuck it, nevermind. sigh


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