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Applebum x New Era fitted made out of cork!

Freaking awesome. 

Courtesy of Applebum


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McCain Simmons!

Image by Decon, courtesy of okayplayer. That shit is hilarious!

The original photo is a Photoshopper’s wet dream. Post up some of your favorites here.

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I never knew this music video existed until last night

Hella bonus points to the uploader for adding in that extra footage of the kid and that huge optimus prime. Was that a TV special or something? Someone let me know!

F/T to Ces

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Peep the Yahoo article

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This might be your next President, Amurrica

That’s my LOL of the day…

F/T to Hanalei and Yahoo News

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“Pinoy Backfield”

‘Pinoy backfield’ powers EC

Quartet believed to constitute a first for state


SAMMAMISH — When Eastside Catholic senior tailback Marion Bactol scored the Crusaders’ first touchdown this season against Eisenhower in a 16-8 victory at the WIAA Kickoff Classic, it was a historic moment.

Bactol is one of four Filipino American seniors playing in the Eastside Catholic backfield. It is believed to the first all-Filipino backfield in Washington state history.

They’ve been tabbed the “Pinoy backfield” by friends and family. Pinoy is a word referring to Filipino people in the United States, which incorporates the last four letters of Filipino and the suffix “y.”

Bactol, quarterback Zach Cuaresma and running backs Kellen Matsuno and Nick Tengtio are close on and off the field. Bactol, Cuaresma and Tengtio have played football together since eighth grade when they were all members of the Eastside Catholic junior program.

That was also the year that Tengtio informally met Matsuno, who was playing for the Mercer Island junior program against Eastside Catholic, with the type of hit Tengtio is now famous for.

“About five minutes into the game, I was blindsided — hard — by somebody,” Matsuno said. “I got tangled up with another player and ended up out of the game with a fractured ankle.

A couple months later, we met while we were both freshmen at EC.”

Tengtio said he remembers that Mercer Island won the game.

“I still remind him that they may have won, but I took him out,” he said with a laugh. “It was a great way to start a friendship.”

The four bonded as freshmen and all have found success athletically. EC coach Bill Marsh said he expects all four to play sports in college.

“I call them the ‘Mighty Mites’ and for good reason,” Marsh said. “There’s no lack of effort amongst them. They’re not the biggest kids but they’re all 6-4 and 230 in their hearts.”

The Crusaders (4-1) are ranked No. 8 in The Associated Press 3A poll.

Tengtio and Matsuno were named All-Metro linebackers as juniors. Tengtio is looking into playing football next year in either the Ivy League or at a service academy, with Army and Navy on the top of his list. Bactol also plays basketball and runs track, while Cuaresma has been putting most of his effort into football.

Last spring, Matsuno earned second-team All-Metro honors in baseball and hopes to play both sports at a smaller college.

All four players are National Honor Society members and average a 3.5 GPA.

“The story of these young men dispels the myth/stereotype that athletes of color only do well on the field — not in the classroom — and on occasion it’s nice to hear a story that challenges the myth and shows young people in a postive light,” said Bernie Matsuno, Kellen’s mother.

They’re also heavy into community service and together have totaled more than 400 volunteer hours in the past three years. Tengtio and Cuaresma have been mentoring a set of twins for the past three years as part of “Athletes for Kids,” and Tengtio recently won a Seattle Seahawks Community Service award.

But ask any of the four about the Crusaders football program and you won’t hear “I” or “me;” they all look at the team as interconnected pieces that only work when functioning as a singular unit.

Matsuno said being singled out as part of the Pinoy backfield might seem to go against team unity, but that hasn’t been the case at all.

“The guys on the team are all real supportive of our culture,” Matsuno said. “Yeah, we take a lot of pride in our Filipino backgrounds, but this is a Catholic school family and we all play for the Big Guy in the Sky.”

The four recently started an Asian Pacific Club at Eastside Catholic, and 27 students showed up last week for the first meeting.

“There are more than Filipino kids showing up,” Tengtio said. “Zach and Kellen have Hawaiian and Japanese backgrounds as well.”

Bert Caoili is president of the Filipino Community of Seattle and knows some of the parents and families of the Eastside Catholic football players.

He said the Pinoy backfield is a source of pride within the Filipino community.

“Definitely,” he said. “No question about it. The Filipino people are very sports-minded, very competitive. We really do love our sports … sometimes too much. It’s great to see these kids excelling on and off the field.”

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4 students in Oregon confess to hanging Obama cutout

By The Associated Press

NEWBERG, Ore. — George Fox University says four students have been punished for hanging a likeness of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama from a tree on campus.

The university said in a statement today the penalties are “immediate long-term suspension and public service.” The school says the four confessed to their involvement.

It says federal privacy rules prevent it from disclosing the length of the suspensions or the names of the students.

The life-size cardboard cutout, a commercial product, was hung last week with fishing line around the neck.

An official of the Christian school of about 1,800 students called the image of a black man hanged from a tree one of the most hurtful symbols of racism in American history.

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