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Blue Scholars – Coffee and Snow

I got a text hella early in the morning on xmas eve asking if I wanna help film a music video in the neighborhood. Too tired and too sick of the snow to do this shit! LOL but on the serious side it captures a nice snapshot of how crippling the weeklong snowstorm was. I’m just glad it’s all melted away, along with the memories. Good job guys.



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Jill vs. Erykah

I was one of the lucky ones to attend this night in SF last month, and it’s now online! 

Devil’s Pie Presents:

Erykah vs. Jill night courtesy of DJ Phatrick (Do D.A.T. on the mic)

What is it, you ask? At SF’s Namu Bar, Phatrick basically mixes the best of Erykah and Jill Scott for a couple hours, and the crowd decides the winner (via reactions, requests, etc.). Namu Bar is lacking in square footage, which made this night hella perfect for dancing with the homies or with the one special homie. The party even spilled out to the sidewalk, where folks kept dancing in the cold-ass weather. So who wins? Listen and find out.

Thanks Phatty!

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Thinking of ways to get revenge…


The neighbors decided to pull a prank on us last night, but I was able to creep up on them from the side of the house, armed with snowballs. Very clever though, guys….maybe i’ll do the opposite and set your front door on fire!!!


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“Yes, it’s very cool” – Tony Stark

Ultimate Breaks & Beats: The Complete Collection USB Flash Drive

Now in convenient USB format – the ultimate spoiler! Street Beat’s immortal Ultimate Breaks & Beats series has been a staple at the Lab and in DJs’ lives for years, and now that the series is seemingly over and done, they’ve gone all out for this collection. This USB flash drive contains EVERY VOLUME (#1-25) that UBB ever released, and each track is remastered and presented in high-quality digital format (AIFF files) with BPM, year of creation and cover art already embedded. Also included on the drive is a 68-page PDF booklet featuring front and back artwork from all 25 jackets in glorious full color, complete track listing, and a short history of the UBB series. Needless to say, this is a huge boon (not to mention a time-saver) for a lot of Serato DJs, but you don’t even need to be a DJ to appreciate this shit: load ’em on to your iPod and let ’em rip. I gotta say, for 12 hours of music, this ain’t a bad deal at all. 174 tracks; approx. 8GB of data; 12 hours total.

$89.00 from

My take: UBB is probably the most controversial compilation ever made for DJs, mostly used by DJs who probably won’t admit to using it. Diggers understand/acknowledge/tolerate it, but would rather have the original pressings. This would be dope to own for the history behind it, plus the packaging is pretty dope.

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It’s snowing…


Woke up to snow today. It’s still snowing with no signs of letting up. 

Time to catch up on reading, unopened and/or unwatched DVD’s and Lego Star Wars with my wife 😉

It feels like a Spam fried rice day, too. With scrambled eggs.

Be safe out there…


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Top 3 Twitterers in the Philippines.

Philippines PHIL0001

1. Manuel Viloria – 3,780

2. Aira Bongco – 2,433

3. Boom San Agustin – 1,337

Source: Kid Tech Guru via John Cleese

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An oldie but goodie: Yellow Rage – Listen, Asshole

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