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DJ Phatrick and Drizzletron: Pretty Buoyant Society

Via DJ Phatrick:

Hey Daps!

I wanted to send y’all the single from our new music project, PRETTY BUOYANT SOCIETY, which is comprised of me and Adriel Luis: 

The single is called “Schizophrenic Love” and it features Oakland’s Golda Supernova.  Also included in the single is the B-Side “Hot Chocolate”.  Both songs produced by me and written/performed by Adriel aka Drizzletron.

You can download both tracks here:

If yall can, please please please post and spread the word on your blog!!

Here’s our website:

Links to graphics:

Schizophrenic Love art:
Promo banner:

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Seattle rapper Grynch wins J Dilla/Illa J contest



Ladies & Gentlemen, the winners have been decided! The contest ran began two weeks and 50+ dopeboyz/girlz submitted entries. Of those contestants, two we’re chosen. Who was better than the rest?

R U Listenin: Illecism

We’re holding off on posting the actual songs until Thursday, but I had to keep our word and announce the winners. Congrats to both of ya’ll!

– – –

Congrats to Grynch. Thaswassup!

F/T to Prometheus Brown

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UK Beatbox Champ attempts cooking career

Strange. Very strange.

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Dark on the outside, white inside

captphoto_1237560994586-1-0This handout from Russian advertising agency Voskhod shows a smiling, cartoonish black man flashing the victory sign in front of the US capital building, along with the Russian slogan: “Everyone’s talking about it: dark inside white!” Obama ice cream, anyone? Chocolate-vanilla ice cream is one of several Russian products being marketed using Obama even as critics call the ads racist.

Courtesy of Yahoo News

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THASWASSUP! makes Blue Scholars song idea contest

Blue Scholars song contest: Time to vote!

The Blue Scholars hip-hop duo has agreed to let Seattle Times readers determine the subject of their next song.

The Blue Scholars hip-hop duo has agreed to let Seattle Times readers determine the subject of their next song. More than 100 individuals and groups submitted ideas, and we’ve culled them down to our 10 favorites. Vote for the one you like best, then look for the winner next month.

My idea (under daps1) of “Kiss Me Through Twitter” made it to the polls, so CLICK HERE and vote!

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ECCC Program Cover Art!

Very dope illustration of ECCC‘s program cover by Dennis Calero. Should’ve colored Wolvie in the Mariners colorway, though. I’m just sayin.


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THASWASSUP! Presents: J Dilla Tribute Mixtape by DJ DAPS1

As THASWASSUP! approaches 10,000 hits, I’d like to give a little gift of Dilla in celebration.


Download: J Dilla Tribute Mixtape by DJ Daps1

I made this mix less than a month after Dilla passed away in 2006. Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and visited the blog!

EDIT: Here is the tracklisting by request (after the jump)

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