Missed Opportunity, Part 3

808 ALL DAY flies under my radar AGAIN with this all-denim fitted, complete with stitched “shaka” graphic on the back. I actually kept visiting the site, forgot for a couple days, then went back and it debuted/sold out in the same day. *shakes fist*


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I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment, and now it comes courtesy of New Era Japan (photo courtesy of Strictly Fitteds).

My favorite out of the pack so far is definitely the Han Solo fitted, using perforated mesh materials with Han’s face and hand penetrating through the front panels.

A still from the actual movie is printed on the underbill. At ¥6,090 (roughly $68.00), this fitted has already sold out, unless you’re a 7 1/2 =p

Props to New Era Japan for being creative and not shying away from design. The Chewie fitted says it all.

I agree with Strictly Fitteds in that these are instant classics….but when are they coming to the U.S.?!?

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5950 MLB Script Fitteds


You know what, Lids.com? After many failed attempts at designing a fitted with script lettering, you are coming close to almost getting it right this time. However, why did you leave out many MLB teams, including the Mariners??? Don’t y’all know that a “Seattle” version would murk a lot of the ones you got on the website now (like why do you have multiple Astros colorways in this design)? Just effing release it already. We’ll buy it. At least I would. And don’t eff up the colorways!!!

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Missed Opportunity, Part 2


Nevermind that this Mariners fitted has a throwback logo – you can get those at the Mariners Team Store anytime. What’s appealing to me is the green underbill and white sweatband! Yes, I know, black sweatbands are in obviously because of the white headbands yellowing and staining over time, but nowadays this style is becoming harder and harder to find. Waiting patiently for this to come back into stock in a size 8, though. *Crosses fingers*

I’m assuming this is from New Era’s Cooperstown Collection. Good luck finding your favorite team in this style and make!

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Missed Opportunity, Part 1



I have a large fitted collection, but every now and then there are those fitteds that go under my radar. So now, I present my very own fitted late pass. These “808 ALL DAY” fitteds were released a couple months ago in Hawaii, and were even available via phone orders. Dammit. Oh well. If anyone reading has this in a size 8, hollerate!

I hope I don’t make these “Missed Opportunity” posts too often 😉

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G.I. Joe “Cobra” Snakeskin hat

New Era released a line of G.I. Joe fitteds and this one sticks out because of the attention to detail on the brim. I wouldn’t wear snakeskin, but this piece is definitely a collectible.

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Rare Seattle Mariners Starter Cap


This 1980’s era starter cap is classic! Throwback logo, pinstripes and green underbill.

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